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About the Artist

Jill's passion for art began as a young child the moment her grandmother introduced her to her first set of paints. Her studies in London further amplified her love of the arts as she traveled throughout Europe, exploring the museums and galleries. 


Jill lives in Sedona, Arizona and is currently being represented at The Gallery of Modern Masters in Sedona.



Previous Galleries



David Rothermel Contemporary

Santa Fe NM

The Arc Gallery                 Primavera Gallery 

Sedona AZ                          Oja CA

Brad Smith Gallery            Fafa's Fine Art

Canyon Road                      Taos NM

Santa Fe NM                              


Nona Jean Gallery             Modernique

Norick Art Center             Phoenix  AZ

 O.C.U campus


Mainsite Gallery                 Dean Lively Gallery

Norman  OK                       Edmond  OK   


Raffine Interiors 

Oklahoma City OK

The Giving Hand.jpg

Artist Statement


My paintings are created using fluid acrylic paint which allows me to overlay color in subtle transparencies that reveal several dimensions of energy and light. 


 I believe every color has a vibration that radiates out and affects those who view it. I want my art to be more than just a decorative addition to a home or workspace. I want it to be healing. I infuse Reiki into each piece. My paintings are created with Love. 


Before I create any work of art, I start with a meditation. Typically it is a moving meditation like dancing, walking barefoot on Mother Earth or sometimes it is just quiet reflection. This allows me to clear my mind and paint intuitively from a place of connectedness. 


I love working on an un-stretched canvas as it gives me the creative freedom to paint free and spontaneously.  I manipulate and change the direction of the canvas and the flow of the paint several times throughout the painting process.


Art should be able to change the energy of a room. My wish is to create a piece that evokes positive emotions. Painting is joyful for me and I want that to come through in my work.

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